Red are imput fields the other fields will automatically calculate.        
Caluclations are rounded up by standard Excel Round Function. Ex 106.666 = 106.67  
Mortgage interest calculations use 30 day 12 months 360 day formula.  
Days Per Diem Interest:  You need the montly payment due date and the closing date.  
2 Lenders Hard Money Split      
Lender A      
Lender B  
Borrower 2yr Interest Only Mortgage   A B  
Interest Rate       
Principal Note    
Annual Interest       
Monthly Interest Payment    
Daily Interest 30 day average  
Total Days Per Diem Interest Due  
Total Per Diem Interest Due  
Borrower Principal Payoff    
Mortgage Balance Pay Off     Enter Full Principal If Note Has Matured  
Prepayment Penalty     Enter zero for no prepayment penalty  
Prepayment Amount      
Due To Lenders At Closing   A B    
Principal Due     
Per Diem Interest Due  
Prepayment Penalty    
Total Due To Lenders At Closing  
Borrowers New Note Balance   A B    
New Mortgage Note Balance    
Annual Interest    
New Monthly Payment    
Daily Interest 30 day avgerage