Interactive Mortgage Closing Calculator For Hard Money Loans.
These are numbers your title closing agents will need for the borrower to pay off his loan.

1.) All fields in RED are input fields. Just put in the number and click in the field and the calculator will fill in the other fields.

2.) All 3 digit numbers to the right of the decimal point are rounded UP!

3.) All mortgage interest calculation use the 12 months - 30 days - 360 days formula.

4.) To Calculate the interest per diem due at closing you will need the monthly interest due date
on the note and the closing date. Input this data as a number in the input fields.

Click On The Following links to activate the calculator.

Estoppel Mortgage Payoff Calculator

2 Partners Cash Due At Closing Statement With A Partial Principal Payment
Plus A Prepayment Penalty And A Remaining Balance On The New Note

Single Lender Simple Cash Due At Closing Statement

Per Diem Daily Interest Due At Closing Calculator


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